Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bath salts the new legal meth?

Apparently that's the new thing now that fake weed and salvia are getting banned. Someone figured out that they can get fucked up on bath salts.

 I may have experimented once...or twice... Either way I can not fathom ever getting bath salts and crushing them to snort. Apparently youth have found this the new way to get high, and I can't explain how embarrassed I am to call myself part of this generation.

If your unsure of what bath salts are exactly its these things (I never used them I really don't know the purpose of them or why you would crush and snort them).

Apparently it causes hallucinations, rapid heart rate, and suicidal thoughts, and is comparable to meth, one comment I read said it was actually more potent. Lord if you are out there.. Please for the sake of humanity strike down the idiot who tried this first.


  1. Bath salts causes suicidal thoughts, comparable to meth?? Wow...the more you know..

    Anyways, following you :)

  2. Ill be sure to tell my friend billy about this method of getting high im sure he'll try it!!

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  3. wow... why would anyone try that in the first place??


  4. I heard something about this, apparently its more intense then meth or heroin. pretty scary stuff